NOTE: This article only applies to SiteWatch-700 Series Cameras.

To access the menus to configure Motion Triggering and Night Mode, first navigate to the VIEW page, select the “configure” icon   and select either
Configure Motion Triggering” or “Configure Night Mode

Configure Motion Triggering

The Configure Motion Triggering dialogue allows you to set the schedule and actions for the Motion Triggering module. Enable Motion

Triggering checkbox controls whether any triggering for that schedule is enabled or not (armed). Each schedule for arming can be set by selecting which schedule to be configured from the dropdown and then setting start/stop times, or 24-hours/day, and selecting days of the week.   Note: Schedules may not overlap, beams will be the same for all three schedules, and changing the resolution on one schedule, changes it on the others.

The Trigger Action options include taking 1 or more still images (resolution can also be set), recording a video clip (10 seconds, 720p), or doing nothing. The “nothing” selection will still result in Motion events being recorded on the timeline, but no extra images will be captured.

The “Auto download DVR when motion is detected” option will retrieve the DVR clip (if DVR is running) that surrounds the motion event, and upload it to the cloud storage.

“Send Notifications” option controls whether any email or SMS notifications are sent upon a motion event. Each schedule can have a different list of people to send notifications to.

Triggering Status

The Camera Status display will show if Triggering is currently active based on the Motion Triggering configuration settings.

Configure Night Mode

The SiteWatch-700 Series (700, 701 models) includes a night vision camera as well as a color/day camera. This dialogue controls which camera is used at different times, and also controls what illumination to use.

“Use Night Camera and/or Illuminator” tells the camera when to use the night camera (and the Illumination Control settings). You can specify Never, always, or a range of times.

“When in Night Mode, use IR camera” tells the system to use the IR camera when night mode is active per your settings. Situations where you might not want to use IR camera at night include when there is sufficient ambient light, or you have a -701 series unit with White light LED.

The “When in Night Mode, use Illuminator” tells the system to activate the Illuminator upon a motion event, when in Night Mode. Situations where you may not want the Illuminator activated include locations where there is sufficient ambient light (and you are using Color camera only).