Archiving allows users continued access to previous images and video, while getting the camera ready for it's next use.  As projects end, SiteCloud users will need to archive their camera(s) from their site(s). 

Part I:  Archiving ALL Cameras within a Site

  1. Take down all cameras, solar panels, and hardware to store safely for the next use
  2. Log into SiteCloud and click on the "Sites" link on the top right-hand side of the page
  3. Under "Active Sites" click "End Project" next to the site you want to archive
  4. Enter a new project and camera name for all available cameras.  You may enter placeholder names, if necessary
  5. Select the box next to "Dormant Mode" to conserve camera battery
  6. Click "Save"

Part II:  Archiving INDIVIDUAL Cameras within a Site

Customers who may only need to archive some of their cameras on a site, can easily do so by following the steps below:

  1. Take down your camera, solar panel, and hardware to store safely for the next use
  2. On the "Sites" page click on the "Active Sites" where your camera is grouped (Picture A)
  3. Click on the gear icon next to the particular camera and select "Archive Camera"
  4. Verify the "Effective Date" is correct (Picture B)
  5. Enter a new camera name (a placeholder name can be used, if necessary) (Picture B)
  6. Select the box next to "Dormant Mode" to conserve camera battery (Picture B)
  7. Click "Save"
Picture A

Picture B

Please Note:  Sensera SitePOV Mobile app users can also archive POV-Series images by following either set of instructions above.  Upon completion, POV-Series Images will appear under the "Archive" section in SiteCloud

Part II:  Accessing Archived Media

Once your camera or Sensera SitePOV images have been archived, users can continue accessing their media within SiteCloud by doing the following:

  1. Within SiteCloud click on "Archive"
  2. Choose a previous "Site" name from the drop down list on the top navigation
  3. Use the "Captured Images" search bar to find particular images by date or keyword
Additional Notes:   Users can continue accessing still images, downloaded DVR Video, and TimeLapse Videos under the archive section of SiteCloud.  Additional features such as annotation, sharing, exporting, and deletion can also be used