Account Preferences can be accessed from any page by clicking the “gear” in the upper right corner.

The account preferences dialog allows you to configure:

Email for Account Point-of-Contact (POC): This field will be pre-populated with the email that was used to initially set up SiteCloud. It represents ownership of the account and will receive any account notifications such as service plans, billing and password resets.

Suspend/Change Service: Click on this button for information on how to make changes to your SiteCloud service plan.

Change Password: Change the password associated with the Account POC.

Default Page: Choose which page will be displayed upon login, i.e. View, Sites, Dashboard, Logging.

Read-Only Access: Create up to 25 read-only accounts and assign permissions on the camera and operational level. Password resets are also managed here.  *Please note that allowing users to perform certain operations may consume data against your Sensera SiteCloud service plan.

Default Alarm Recipients: When setting up a SiteCloud account for the first time, you will have the option to designate up to 3 email or SMS addresses to receive "communication failure" or "low battery" alerts. These addresses will become the default recipients for any and all cameras added to your account. However, you are able to modify the recipients at the camera level under Configure Camera.