What's New:

Customers looking for a friendlier and streamlined administrative experience in SiteCloud can look forward to this release.  Users will find significantly improved workflows for configuring Wi-Fi, site monitoring, and archiving.  Additional enhancements for project and image management have also been introduced to allow clients added flexibility and experience our latest partner integration with PlanGrid.

SiteCloud Wi-Fi Configuration

Customers in need of updating Wi-Fi settings or switching service plans (mobile to Wi-Fi or vice versa) can now easily do so through their SiteCloud Administrator account.  Located as a “Network” setting within their account details, users can manage their settings through our “Network Configuration Screen”.  Clients can easily scan for available Wi-Fi networks and input their credentials all in one spot.


Viewing multiple camera feeds as a SiteCloud Administrator is now easier than ever with the latest updates to our “Dashboard”.  Users can add any number of cameras to the dashboard and customize the layout to display up to 4 cameras per row.  The responsively designed page can also be easily viewed from a mobile browser by simply logging into your SiteCloud account.

Individual Camera Archiving

Users can continue taking advantage of full project archiving and customers with multi-camera projects now have an improved way of archiving individual cameras within an active site.  Simply pick the specific camera(s) from your list of active sites and repurpose them for another location or project all together.

Image Export by Name, Tag, or Caption

Dovetailing off our latest image management tool enhancements, we’ve incorporated another key feature for easy photo administration.  Users who are naming, tagging, or captioning images can filter their media through the search bar on the “Captured Images” pane.  From there, they can select the “Use Current Search Parameter” option under “Export” and download their images via a ZIP file.

Custom Time-lapse Video Duration

Regardless of project length, administrators can now manage the duration of their time-lapse video within SiteCloud.  By simply creating a custom time-lapse video users can set the duration to seconds or even minutes.  Now a 10 minute video can easily be 2 minutes, depending on the business need.

PlanGrid Integration

Sensera's photo interface now integrates seamlessly with PlanGrid's project management software.  PlanGrid users can upload high resolution images from SiteCloud to their PlanGrid projects for added visual documentation and progress tracking. Not only that, PlanGrid users with SiteCloud Administrator accounts can view, store, and share jobsite photos through the “Enable Project Updates” or “Export” feature.


Do you have additional questions or comments?  Make sure to contact our awesome support team with anything you might need!  You’ll also find some great articles in our Knowledge Base that go into helpful detail.

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