New Products!

XL Camera Models- 2X the Power Capacity

Locations with limited solar gain, challenging latitudes, adverse weather, or shading from nearby buildings in urban settings, can be addressed with our new XL line of solar-powered cameras and extended power capability.  With twice the battery capacity and an additional solar panel, our MC78XL, MC88XL and SiteWatch-PRO2XL cameras are equipped for the most adverse conditions.  Request More Information

New and Improved SiteCloud Features!

Set Fixed Durations for Automatic and Custom Time-lapse Videos

Customers now have more flexibility when generating automatic or custom time-lapse videos of a specific length, regardless of project duration.  SiteCloud administrators can set video length from 1 to 5 minutes and generate videos optimized for web or presentation viewing.  Learn More

Exclude Dark Images from Time-lapse Videos

Time-lapse pictures taken during periods of low-light or nighttime can be easily excluded from automatic and custom time-lapse video production.  Using a brightness scale, users can effortlessly remove unwanted images to improve presentation and consistency.  Learn More

Export Images via Multi-Select Shortcut Keys

Users can export images via multi-select and download a selection of images from the “Captured Images” pane with shortcut keys.  Simplifying user workflow, downloading multiple images is a breeze. Learn More

Public Display Settings on Configure Camera Menu

Clients who use the public or individual camera page URL will now see a “Public Display Settings” button in the “Configure Camera” menu within SiteCloud.  Administrators can select the available options for a specific camera and enable Time-lapse, LiveView, History, or LiveStream within the same menu.  Learn More

Daytime Image Calibration to Manage Data Use

In the event of a data overage on a service plan, SiteCloud will generate daytime calibrated images to calculate the size and amount of data used to improve the calculations in your “Data Usage Estimator."  Designed to empower administrators to better manage and understand their data use, the series of calibration pictures do not consume data from your existing service plans.  Read More


Have a question or need training?  Contact our support team or visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about SiteCloud and its features. Sensera Systems Technical Support