With an emphasis on improved usability, we’ve implemented the following:


Thumbnail Previews :  Sitecloud users can now preview thumbnails to better identify the clips they need to save before downloading DVR video or still images.  Reduce time and data consumption by better knowing what you want, when you want.

Email Compressed DVR Video Files :  Email compressed DVR video files. Users are now able to efficiently send smaller video files directly to their team via email.


Date Range :  Better manage your photos and phases of a project by tagging your pictures using a date range.  Simple filtering allows you to narrow down the range of images on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

DVR Upload:  Automatically tag DVR media you choose to upload for easier searching and identification.


SiteCloud Administrators can generate custom time-lapse videos using specific tags they create or ones that meet specific search parameters.  Users will be better able to document progress on certain phases or key milestones of a project.

User Types and Accounts

Read-Only:  Provide up to 25 read-only accounts to members of your team for improved flexibility and access to manage your cameras.

Master Accounts:  SiteCloud Master Accounts can now configure “Public Access” settings for cameras associated to their username.

Multi-Camera Public Page

In addition to the individual camera and project page URLs, users can take advantage of the Multi-Camera page.  If you have cameras across multiple sites, this feature gives you one central location for viewing all cameras.

Two-Factor Authentication

Continued security is enhanced with SiteCloud’s two-factor email authentication for first time account creation.