SiteCloud Features Added in the Last 6-9 Months

Multiple schedules for Timelapse, LiveView, Triggering, DVR
  • Timelapse, LiveView, Triggering, and DVR can now be configured to have multiple active schedules.  Instead of having one weekly schedule, there are now 3 (5 for triggering).  This allows you to to configure your camera to to take pictures/trigger/DVR at different intervals on different days and between different times on different days.
Public Project Page
  • Public Project Page allows multiple cameras at one site to be shown together on one web page.
Embedded Public Page
  • Embedded Public Page allows the view of a camera and its pictures or LiveStream to be embedded into your own web-page.  It can also be used as a standalone link for people to see without giving them login credentials or read-only access.

Zoom on Public Pages
  • Allows the user to zoom in on pictures in the embedded or public project page.

Increased read-only users
  • We increased the max number of read-only users from 5 to 10.  

  • With the added ability of Master Users, an integrator or company owner can now be made a Master User and be able to see and configure all the cameras in its account while also giving individual site, subcontractor or sub users the ability to configure certain cameras and not others that the master user can.

RTSP Compatibility
  • RTSP Compatibility means we can now provide LiveStream video to any RTSP client.

Bandwidth Logging
  • We now keep track of previous months’ bandwidth usage by the camera.  This allows the user to see a graph in SiteCloud and compare different months’ data usage.

Preemptive data overage alerts
  • Sensera now sends usage alerts about possible overages for the month.  This alert gives the owner/user information early enough on in the month to throttle down bandwidth usage to avoid any overages.

Monthly usage estimator calibrator
  • Our data usage estimator has gotten an upgrade.  Click the calibrate button in the estimator to calibrate the estimator for a particular camera.  This calibration helps give the user a stronger idea of how much data they may use that month based on the schedules they have set up.

Introduction to timelapse videos
  • Users now have the option to include an introduction to the custom timelapse videos.  The introduction now says the name of the camera and the date of the video created.

Automated timelapse videos get timeframe options
  • The user can now configure the timeframe for which the automatic timelapse video gets its pictures from.  These options include the last month, the last two months, and since the first picture taken.

Option for cancelling exports and video creation
  • When exporting pictures or creating a timelapse video, the user may now cancel that activity at any time during the process.

Factory Reset
  • Sometimes a fresh start is needed, so we added a factory reset option.  

Weather for time picture was taken
  • The weather shown when clicking the weather icon, now shows the weather where the camera is at the time the selected picture was taken.

Send Feedback button
  • Users can now send feedback to the Sensera Team straight from SiteCloud.

Logging page changes for 2.0
  • The logging page now shows information relating information specific to the 2.0 cameras if the user has one.

Trigger emails include clip/video
  • In the triggering alert emails, a video clip or image may now be included.

Resolutions update to LiveView pictures
  • LiveView now has options to take pictures at a variety of intervals and resolutions.

Near Horizon Features

Responsive and Mobile Friendly SiteCloud GUI Update
  • This update will make configuring the Sensera camera and viewing its status and media easier.

Dashboard Page update
  • The dashboard page will be getting a fresh makeover, allowing the user to view more than 4 cameras at a time, and will make security monitoring a breeze with the SiteWatch.