Our Procedure

For service and repair issues, please call or email our Customer Support team at 800-657-0437 extension 102 or support@senserasystems.com. You will need to provide the serial number. The serial number is located on the back of the camera or can be found online on the WebApp View screen by click the battery drop-down at the top of the screen. Please provide a detailed description of the problem including pictures whenever possible.

Returning Products

If our Customer Support team determines that the product will need to be repaired or replaced (at our discretion), an RMA number will be issued (Return Material Authorization number). This number should be clearly visible on all shipment documents and on the outside of the box. Please note, returned goods will not be accepted without an official RMA number. Include in the return box with the RMA number a document containing your contact name, address, email address, and phone number.

When possible, please ship the product back in its original packaging. We can not accept liability for products damaged during shipping back to us. Please adequately insure the shipment for damage or loss.

Upon reception of your product, preliminary assessment will be performed. Products damaged through neglect due to inadequate packaging or during transit, will have the warranty voided. All of our products require stable and industry standard packing materials.

Repair Costs

Products which are under Warranty will be repaired of replaced (at our discretion) at no charge to the customer. Customer shall be responsible for any transportation charges.

Products which are Non-Warranty will be assessed and a quote for repair costs will be sent to the customer. Warranty repair costs must be paid in advance before repairs proceed. Customer shall be responsible for any transportation charges.

International Returns

When returning products to Sensera Systems, please indicate on the commercial invoice and shipping documents “Goods Returning to Manufacturer for Repair”, along with the RMA number provided as reference and the value for customs purposes.