This integration offers you the functionality to automate syncing, sharing, and the displaying of real-time site images directly into your PlanGrid account. Once configured, transfer is completely automatic and/or a la carte for any SiteCloud image type.

Customers with both a PlanGrid and SiteCloud account can follow the steps below to complete the integration.

Part I: Configuring the Integration

  1. Launch an internet browser and enter web address
  2. Log in with your SiteCloud "Username" and "Password"
  3. While on the "View" screen select which camera you want to configure (Picture A)
  4. Click on "Configure Node Camera" and then "Configure Camera" (Picture B)
  5. Ensure "Enable Project Updates (receive latest image periodically by email)" is selected and that Email Address, TIme, and Days of the Week are populated
  6. Select "Send Updates to PlanGrid" and click on the "PlanGrid Settings" link next to it (Picture C)
  7. Enter your PlanGrid "Email" and "Password" in the dialogue windows that appear
  8. Click "Give Permission" to authorize the application (Picture D)
  9. The message "Authorization was successful" should display and you will see a list of the available PlanGrid projects you can select (Picture E)
  10. You have now authenticated and configured this integration
Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Part II: Exporting Pictures Manually

While the above configuration allows for the automatic syncing of images from SiteCloud to PlanGrid, users can also manually export images. To do so, follow the steps below: 

  1. While on the "View" page of SiteCloud go to the "Captured Images" Section of the page
  2. Choose the image you want to export
  3. Click on "Export Images" button and select "Current Image"
  4. Click on "Export to PlanGrid" and click "Export" (Picture F)
The image will appear in your camera folder within PlanGrid once processed.

Part III: Accessing and Managing SiteCloud Image Types within PlanGrid

Once you sync or export images into your PlanGrid account, an auto-created folder called "Sensera" will appear under the PlanGrid project files you designated. This folder will contain two additional folders called: "Export" and "Update".

  • Export: This folder houses all the images you exported on an ad hoc basis from SiteCloud
  • Update: This folder houses all the scheduled images you have captured
Within "Export" and "Update", folders with the name of your camera(s) are also created with the corresponding images. 

Please NoteTimeLapse videos in the folder will be from the day before, as it takes 24 hours for the video to be rendered. The video will also be in MP4 format.

With this integration, you'll want to keep a few things in mind:

Renaming: Renaming a folder will preclude scheduled and exported images from going into those renamed folders. Instead, folders with the original names will be recreated and images placed there. 

Deleting: Deleting a SiteCloud folder within PlanGrid is not recoverable. Instead, you will need to (re)export the images again.

Given the above, we recommend you keep the document folder name as is. Should you need to create more granularity on your naming conventions, you can create separate folders and move the images into them, as needed. 

Lastly, if you have enabled automatic updates of images with this integration, you should not "log out" of PlanGrid in the "PlanGrid Settings" dialog within SiteCloud.  Otherwise, automatic syncing and manual export will not work.