The WebApp integrates with the following 3rd party software packages to provide a more seamless day to day experience in using Sensera Systems cameras.

Images from your Sensera Systems camera can be automatically integrated with your daily NoteVault reports. Learn how to setup your camera to send images to your daily NoteVault report by clicking here 

ProCore (

You can incorporate views of your Sensera cameras into your ProCore project management software.
This feature uses the Sensera WebApp public URL feature.
Once you setup your public URL for your Sensera Camera, you will copy that URL and configure it into your ProCore dashboard.  Instructions for configuration of your ProCore software to integrate to your Sensera camera can be found here. Search for "Sensera" section.

Spectrum (Dexter-Chaney) (

Your public URL can display in the Spectrum homepage. Just setup your public URL in WebApp and then enter that URL in your Spectrum software configuration.