For MC26, MC78, MC88, and SiteWatch-PRO2 Cameras.  Customers with an XL model should contact support for setup recommendations.

  1.  Disconnect the 2 pieces of the solar panel bracket by loosening the wing nuts on the sides.  You may need to hold the bolts nuts they are connected to using the wrench included in the camera mounting kit.

  2. Attach the smaller piece of the solar panel bracket to one of the tripod poles using the two u-bolts, the small plates with the two holes, the nuts for the u-bolts and the wrench provided.  A deep well 12.5 mm or 13 mm socket and socket wrench may suffice for the wrench provided in this step.

  3. Attach the larger part of the solar panel bracket to the smaller one using the wingnuts and bolts that were originally attached.  Download the Sensera Panel app to your smartphone/tablet or go to Solar Panel Orientation to properly position the solar panel bracket.  Once alignment is set, tighten all the nuts and bolts on the sides to secure and reduce movement.

  4. Attach the solar panel to the bracket by sliding or placing it between the two wingnuts on the front of the bracket.  Once the panel is in place and centered, tighten the wingnuts to secure the panel to the bracket. 

  5. Disassemble the camera mount arm from the back that will be used to hold it to the pole and disassemble the square part of the bracket that will be used to attach the mount to the camera. 

  6. Attach the square part of the bracket to the camera. 

  7. Attach the mounting arm and to the tripod wherever you would like.  (If the camera needs to south facing, attach the camera to the same pole as the solar panel bracket.  Put the camera below the solar panel.  If any part of the panel is shaded, the camera will not charge properly.)

  8. Attach the camera to the camera mounting bracket.  Once attached, adjust camera to face in the desired position and tighten all bolts to reduce/remove any movement that may be caused by moving tripod, adjusting tripod, or wind. Once tripod and camera are in the proper position, use sand bags on the feet of the pole to ensure no future movement or tilt. 

For MC-20/MC-30/SW Series Cameras: 

  1. Connect the TWO flat brackets to the top of the tripod using a 1.5” Phillips head bolt and nut. Ensure that the brackets are connected using the correct mounting hole as shown.

  2. Connect the base of the solar panel bracket to the flat brackets using two 0.5” Phillips head bolts, washers, and nuts. Make sure the solar panel bracket base is aligned so that the lower holes are towards the outside as shown.                                                                            

  3. Connect the solar panel arm to the base of the bracket using four thumb screws and four wing nuts. If the camera must face to the south, use the holes towards the center. If the camera must face to the north, east, or west, use the holes towards the outside. This allows the solar panel to face south.   

    South facing camera


    North, East or West facing camera
  4. Attach the solar panel by sliding it into the two loose clamps in the top of the bracket until the panel is centered. Tighten the wing nuts until the solar panel is clamped and secure. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the nuts a little further for extra stability. Attach the camera using the thumb screw.   

    South facing camera


    North, East or West facing camera
  5. Tripod with legs extended

Tripod use is not recommended for MC78XL, MC88XL, and SiteWatch PRO2 XL.