Please ensure that the camera and solar panel are already mounted and working properly before installing the PIR sensor and illuminator (if applicable). For help mounting the camera and solar panel, go to articles “Mounting the Camera” and “Mounting the Solar Panel” at

  1. Plan installation location: Southern exposure, within 100’ of desired motion detection area, within 50’ of desired IR photography range (if applicable), 12’ of height available.

  2. Mount the PIR sensor to the pole using the mounting straps. Ideal height for the sensor is 12’. Mounting lower will reduce detection range significantly. Mounting below 9’ or above 15’ is not recommended

  3. (If applicable) Attach LED Illuminator to the camera using the bolt. Make sure it is oriented in same direction as camera and tighten securely.

  4. Plug LED Illuminator (if applicable) cable into camera (lower right purple plug). Screw in connector firmly.

  5. Plug PIR Sensor cable into camera (upper right green plug). Screw connector in firmly.

  6. From the WebApp turn on motion triggering (see How to Start Motion Triggering and Night Mode). Slowly walk the detection area, ensuring that the PIR and camera coverage is as desired by inspecting the triggered images. Keep in mind that the PIR retrigger time is ~30 seconds. Adjust camera and PIR alignment as necessary.

  7. If LED Illuminator is being used, wait until dark, and make sure Night Mode is active, and walk the detection area to obtain sample night images. Adjust angle of LED Illuminator as needed for optimum coverage of the area of interest.