Once the camera and solar panel are securely mounted and connected, the last step is to do a final aiming of the camera to achieve the desired field of view. Cameras should be pointed in a northerly direction if possible, to reduce solar glare in images.

If you do not have any smartphone or internet access available, you can have a colleague check the camera aiming from a remote computer, and communicate via phone whether the camera aim needs to be adjusted up/down or left/right.

From either a remote computer, or from a handheld smartphone/tablet, you can use the Camera Aiming icon on the WebApp to facilitate this process.

Login to your WebApp Account, and navigate to the View page for this camera. Click on the camera aiming icon (“cross-hairs”).  This will request a low-resolution picture to be taken and uploaded to the View screen (updates may take seconds or minutes depending on speed of cellular or WiFi connection). Adjust camera as necessary, and click additional images to confirm, to achieve desired field of view, and tighten thumb screws well.