To configure Timelapse, first navigate to the VIEW page, click on the “timelapse” icon      and select “Configure Timelapse Schedules”  

This will pop-up the configuration dialog, where you can change the given menu areas:

  • Schedule - this allows you to capture images for the time-lapse video between different times on different days.  Click the drop-down menu to choose and configure another capturing schedule.  The Resolution, Start Date and Stop Date will be the same for all schedules.  For example: If you would like your camera to take pictures for the timelapse on weekdays from 8am-6pm and from 10am - 2pm on weekends, select schedule 1, check all the weekdays and change the time from 8am to 6pm.  Then, select schedule 2, check Sat and Sun, and change the time from 10am to 2pm.                                               Note:  Schedules may not overlap.
  • Interval – this is how often an image is captured.
  • Start Date – is when to start collecting the images.
  • Stop Date – is when to stop collecting images. Check “No Stop Date” to collect images indefinitely.
  • Start Time -is the time to start collecting pictures on the days chosen for that schedule.
  • Stop Time - is the time to stop collecting pictures on the days chosen for that schedule.  Check "24 hours/day" to collect pictures for 24 hours a day for the days chosen.
  • Days – these check-boxes allow you to specify which days of the week the pictures for the time-lapse video will be collected. For example, to collect only on weekdays, check all the weekdays, and uncheck “Sat” and “Sun”.
  • Estimated Data - This graph shows the estimated data usage of the accumulation of selected time-lapse configurations. Data usage is affected by interval, hours, and days/week, and image resolution. This estimate does not take into account on-demand images, DVR uploads, or video streaming that
    may occur.